How you can help

What is needed?

We are in need of Prayer. This is our number one request. Please pray for us throughout this long process that we would stay steadfast in our faith. And please pray for our little one that we can’t wait to bring home!

Support us in our decision to adopt, and our decision to adopt internationally, (and domestically). We understand that not everyone will be called to adopt and it sounds a bit wild at first. It sounded insane the first time we said it out loud. But please try to support us knowing that God has a plan for our family and this is the direction He is leading us.

It is not easy to ask others for money. But pride aside… Adoption is EXPENSIVE. To say the least. We’re looking at $25,000 minimum. We have a number of ways you can help out if you feel so lead to give. Any way you desire to help out is bringing us a step closer to bringing baby Torres home.

1. You can donate directly to our Paypal account.

2. You can donate items to our garage sale we have planned for March of this year. We’ll take whatever you’ve got! (email or call us with donations)

Email us at

3. Extracts for Ethiopia! Check out our Etsy shop to purchase our homemade vanilla extract! If purchasing from Albuquerque, use the coupon code: LOCALSHIPFREE for free local delivery!!!

4. Donate to our Book Drive! If you have any used books that are collecting dust donate them to us and then they’ll be collecting funds for our adoption!

Email us at

5. Buy Coffee!! Click on the Just Love Coffee button and purchase anything through our storefront and we get $5 from each purchase made!

6.Adoption Bug T-Shirts. Support us by buying a T-shirt through our storefront. We get a percentage of every shirt sold.

Shop to be open soon!!! Check back soon!!!

One thought on “How you can help

  1. You guys are sooooo awesome! We are definatly in for a donation. We will let you know exactly what soon. I am sooo excited! I love you guys

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