Little Man, 3 months old!

3 months!

  • Still eating 5 oz every 2.5-3 hours
  • Sleeping 8-10 hours at night
  • In 3 month clothes
  • Loves the bouncer
  • Chatty chatty chatty
  • Starting to giggle (and it’s really silly and woody the woodpecker sounding)
  • TEETHING (and drooling everywhere)
  • My guess is 12 pounds
  • Likes to “sing” with Mommy
  • Incredibly laid back and content
  • Only manages to poop on Mom (and thinks it’s hilarious)
  • Prefers to sleep on his side with his hands covering his face

If I felt like last month went by quickly then this month just snuck right past me. Life is BUSIER than ever. I know that it will only get crazier when this guy becomes mobile. I’m so grateful he’s stuck wherever I am… for now! Chris has recently decided to go back to school which we couldn’t be happier about, but the missing him part is awful. He’s going back to his EMT roots because that’s where he belongs. I’m so glad he figured this out young so we can get it out of the way and have him in a job he enjoys! So while I’m totally elated he’s back in the medical world we miss him terribly. He’s still working at DCI and going to school on the weekends AND djing weddings usually on Saturday nights. Needless to say we’re tired and lacking family time. I’m trying to remind myself that this is temporary and he won’t be in school forever!

Even though Daddy has to be away at least I have an incredibly content child on my hands. Since he was born everyone kept telling us just wait 48 hours, or 2 weeks, or 1 month, and then he’ll show his true colors. Well from day one he has been laid back and happy. I’ve been spoiled rotten with how happy he is. So much so that when he does fuss I have very little patience with it because I’m not used to it at all. If he cries for more than 1 minute I’m ready to pull my hair out. And that’s gotta stop. I know the next one won’t be this good.

This month has been so fun. He is just amazing. He’s doing so many things now. He’s giggling and smiling all day long. He reminds me constantly of the little things in life. Everything is amazing to him, it’s just awesome. He can roll from back to belly and a couple times rolled from belly to back but not too often. Instead of crying when he wakes up in the morning he chatters at the mobile and gives me the sweetest gummy grin with glazed over sleepy eyes. I think that’s one of the things I’ll miss most when he’s big.

I feel it’s a bit early for teething but he is! All month he’s been a drooling mess and chewing on everything. Apparently early teething runs in his bio family. I can’t wait for teeth to come through because he’s pretty unhappy about that at the moment. He can’t get enough of his or our fingers in his mouth all the time. Luckily Sophie came to town just in time to help with the teething!

I can’t believe it’s been 3 months since this little guy came into our lives. It’s happening at lightening speed and I’ve never been such a sap. Ask my husband, I’m practically the opposite of a sap. But since he’s been born I’ve become the ultimate softy. Songs I used to make fun of for being cheesy have me thinking about dancing with him at his wedding when his head is far above mine. This Mom thing ain’t for the faint of heart. And I’m only 3 months in.

One thought on “Little Man, 3 months old!

  1. love it. love him, ain’t for the faint of heart for sure but you are doing AMAZING! Love his little jammies and overalls. Made my heart skip a beat seeing him in the boys clothes :) kisses IJ! Auntie loves you!!

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